The Cadaverine Collection 


The Cadaverine Collection The Cadaverine Collection pulls together the best poetry, prose and reviews published since the magazine’s inception seven years ago, all handpicked by editors past and present. As well as bringing some old treasures back to the public eye, the ebook celebrates the recently relaunched website and The Cadaverine’s elegant new logo adorns the front cover.

Wes Brown launched The Cadaverine seven years ago with one thing in mind: celebrating the best new writing from young writers from the UK and across the world. Since then, we’ve had a wealth of new talent published on The Cadaverine web pages and many of our writers continue to create great work. 

Editor: Nici Wes and The Cadaverine Team

Cover Design: John Routledge

Logo Design: Michael Thorp

Type-setting: Wes Brown

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