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What was that word you pronounced so beautifully?


Nicholas Murray

Nicholas Murray is a writer and artist based in London. He is the founder and editor of publisher and live literature production house, Annexe Magazine. His written work has appeared in publications such as inc. magazine and the Jawbreakers anthology. His prose installations have been displayed in the Sites of Alternative Publishing exhibition and on the Electronic Voice Phenomena tour.


This article was published by Samatar Elmi on 01 Feb 2014, and is filed under Poetry.

Accent by Nicholas Murray

What was that word

you pronounced so beautifully?


Unfamiliar with its construction,

without the guide of memory,

you fell to the patterns

of your native tongue.


“That thing that comes 

from kissing,

that thing that brings

you closer.”


The clinical veneer of 

each vowel sound peeled away,

bringing the consonants closer together,

almost touching.


What was left

felt like three fingers

pressed lightly

against my cheek.


And there it was.

The sound coaxing

the chemical memory to resurface.

To leave me dumbstruck


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