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IdeasTap Magazine – Editor Interview

Jo Brandon quizzes Editor Luiza about  IdeasTap and what it’s all about:


What is the IdeasTap Magazine about? Why did you start it? What is it's relation to the overall IdeasTap website?

The IdeasTap magazine is the editorial arm of IdeasTap, an arts charity, funding body and creative network that aims to support young, emerging creatives – mainly in performing arts, photography, film, writing/publishing and journalism. Our partners include Old Vic New Voices, National Youth Theatre and Magnum Photos.

The charity was founded in 2008, along with the magazine – although the website has grown a lot since then, and editorial content has become much more prominent and fast-moving. I suppose the magazine was founded in order to support IdeasTap’s aims. While the charity offers funding, mentoring and creative opportunities, the magazine extends this with advice, ideas, interviews with interesting creatives, opinion pieces and “how to” articles.

Who is the magazine aimed at?

Young creatives (mainly aged 16 to 30) at the start of their careers who are looking for inspiration and discussion of the issues they’re facing.

How long has the magazine been going?

The magazine has been running since the launch of IdeasTap in 2008, but is ever-changing. I took over as Deputy Editor of IdeasTap – and editor of the magazine – in 2010.

How can others get involved?

If anyone wants to write for the magazine, they should drop me a line at with some ideas and links to previously published writing.

But before pitching, aspiring contributors should join IdeasTap as members, have a look around, see what we do and – most importantly – have a thorough look at the magazine before sending in ideas. It sounds obvious, but you won’t know what kind of ideas we go for unless you’re familiar with the magazine.

We pay decent rates for freelancers. I’m really interested in hearing from young, talented writers.

Who are the editors and magazine writers?

I’m the Deputy Editor of IdeasTap and I edit and commission all the writing in the magazine. James Hopkirk is the IdeasTap Editor – he manages the editorial and marketing teams. Our Assistant Editors are Nell Frizzell and Tom Seymour – they are the “staff writers” on the magazine. Our Web Assistant is Joe Hooper, who also contributes articles. I also use a big pool of freelance writers, and I’m always looking for new ideas.