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‘The Velocity of Carrion’, ‘Constellations’ and ‘Different Names for the Same Light’ by Nate Maxson

The Velocity Of Carrion
When they run out of witches
Which end of the rope will we be on?
It’s like a mathematical formula: end equals end over rope
So have a drink my boy
We milk them fresh every morning after fighting off the crows
And it would be rude
Not to greet the fire
Hello the new sky,
Land where they consider the tongues of small birds a delicacy
And are not compelled to sing of their conquests
(We let the big ones keep talking)
I am considering, like a red velvet curtain on a stage
Or a fire alarm out in space
Pulling down the sky either way
I saw a chamber pot in a museum once
It was made of black tarnished metal like a burned marshmallow full of somebody else’s shit
Right next to a display of old clay pots and fragments of them that are culturally significant to somebody else
And a map of the world that was completely incorrect
Back when sailors could navigate by sky,
A thousand years of dazzlingly clear skies at night
Between fragments of what we did with our earth
They say the constellations looked different during the war
Different Names For The Same Light
Moab, the desert city
The mother of all bombs
            Pale green
            Sea lights
A snow leopard forms running
Out of the frost and salt
All the missing children
Are rattling their spoons