Debarun Sarkar

The Economy of Molecules by Debarun Sarkar

What is a paper anyway?

Rejected molecules of the plant ecosphere.


When the Prime Minister announced demonetization

we roamed the streets, Jadavpur to Tollygunge through

                                                                                                Golf Green


high on MDMA.


<Hello, Bastar.> MDMA on top of the red font on top of a

picture of a woman with militant jungle outfit.


Lines on every ATM

we lick the bitter crystals

over and over again

till we reach the film festival

with 'Guest Passes' which provide

us balcony seats and we watch

a Greek movie, American Square

about a racist, a tattoo artist,

and migrants flowing through Athens

but the ATM lines don't get any shorter even after week.


At 12 midnight, walking through the streets, the ATMs

are still crowded, lines of thirty-forty people.


"Don't blow into the crystal powders."


The streets are deserted,

a huge screen displays videos, movies

outside the state film center

and underneath it a body sleeps with

a cloth wrapped all over in the chilling wind.


The shopkeepers keep pondering about the change

contra e-commerce and malls

and people stock up food

vegetables and grains

while we count the crystal pieces

and provide tentative calculations in milligrams


so as to not reach the level of OD.