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a modern metamorphosis by Emily Tian

tuesday morning crack of the garage door and already the sun takes a long shift heroically. she microwaves albacore in its tin cocoon for breakfast, thrifted from aisle 3. each yawn an exodus with an […]

Mar, 23

Boy by Jack Simmons

  Boy   Where I live the streets die at nine, and you dine on the silence, and you shake the beads from the bushes and you think of the kiss, the brisk brushing lips […]

Mar, 07

skincare song by Perri Roach

Mar, 07

Productive Cough by Alexandra Weiss

  Productive Cough   passionfruit bitter yolk congealed in my trachea   echoing dexter in the trashcan “phosphorescent” burning like our wet skins bursting forth   contortion effluvia writhe on the ground from aftershocks   […]

Mar, 06

Hymn for home by Jeremy Kneebone

  Hymn for home   Ripping the tar-night, high on the tor, Darken the gorsefire, dampen the moors, Cast all my fear to Atlantic storms, and weep through the wind.   Crater-led sandlines, back to […]

Mar, 06

Pointless by Sara Aykit

    Pointless   She puts on eyeliner the way a sniper shoots in between heartbeats with the hopes that a man drops dead.   Some call it “weaponized femininity”   She decorates her fingers […]

Mar, 06


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