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sisters by Mia Nelson

so much left unsaid about  the woman who washed our hair    in the river and the tv that peeled itself lemon  static and our limbs buzzed and we were    animals not afraid of […]

Aug, 12

Longing by Lawdenmarc Decamora

You are a candy sweeter than a molecule of flower dust, spasm of sound among the spires —oh apricot weeks!—sharpened memories on a prowl yet painted peaches to a murmuring waterfall. A breath lesioned core. […]

Aug, 09

Pilot by Christopher McCarthy

Clip wings claw wind wind a fjord where sea once flooded. Track shadow shift fog beneath painted snow stony mouths. Tail birds measure clouds by their beaks scale the mountain. See no angler do no […]

Aug, 09

Company Car by Alana Dunlop

  there you are in your company car eyes as wide as my legs were. you tell me i’m why you’ve quit smoking and you tell me you’re afraid of being boring and my mouth […]

Aug, 09

A Murder of Craas by John Dingwall

Took a walk to the craa wid. Pillaring pines, bare at the waste, shabby at the heid. The grun is fern and autumn’s auburn waste. The wid belongs to the throaty wail of the craas […]

Aug, 03

[You] by Emily Willis

[You] are visiting sitting on the bed I’ve rented forecast is for hail and possible bombing it hits me tidal how on the walk today the sea was too obviously brutal how it makes a […]

Aug, 03


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