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Katydids by Sam Bellamy

  The last time I flew back to Los Angeles I remembered when you sat in front of me on an airplane, 23B. I spoke to you through the split in the seats. I told […]

May, 15

Two Poems by Cindy Song

mangata   there’s a word in another language that means            the maternal sorrow reflected in the moon’s image   on dark water: mangata. i sift through stacks &     […]

May, 09

Exiles and Loot by Aaron Lembo

They each exist, one after the other, on skiffs gliding through canals at the dead of night.   The moon burns topaz, street-lamps sigh.   One deserter whispers the Ave Maria. Clap go the hurried […]

May, 09

Two poems by Jenny Moroney

Coca Cola   People love to see coke disappear into a slim, tall girl, picture her sunlit sipping from a tall, cool glass, her legs shining and stretched on top the table. A wink and […]

Apr, 22

The Debt by Jacob Parsons

It remains More tangible to me than your remains.   It is tied to me by soft twine Light translucent, a dragged cloud Unseen unfelt unforgotten   You don’t let me forget You are long […]

Apr, 22


You can recover anything. If you can’t,  you will. What you seek exists  but has left for the black hole of knowledge  steady at the center of the galaxy.  You will become a different person,  […]

Apr, 22


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