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‘Bald’ and ‘Cover Potential’ by Christopher McCarthy

  Bald   Before realizing  hairs hid from view    my embarrassed brain slow  ribald wit    and problem-bare    look at the head   on Dad … dying         Granny grey fashionistas & how to dye parents:   ...

Nov, 22 · in Poetry
Life was this easy for you, desires so simply satisfied.

Flightpaths by Ailsa Bristow

Life was this easy for you, desires so simply satisfied.

Nov, 18 · in Prose

Pangs! – Reviewed by Daniel Williams

  This collection is a further example of the innovative production of Test Centre Press and the potential writers, such as Robert Herbert McClean, have to re-establish the relationship between form and content in contemporary poetry, creating ...

Nov, 04 · in Non-Fiction,Reviews

Nothing by Mike Yim

A tunneling thesis, borrowing from trite high school diction, searching for darkness jewel: mine is this poem. I lack stamina and sack. No brilliant sparkle of gems, not one light bulb above head, no landed ...

Nov, 17

state of emergency by Priya Bryant

  it was a cold-clear / crisping vision morning when you spoke, when you pushed that crystallised air off your tongue, when you shook that demon off your back. he, with his slimy hands pressed ...

Nov, 17

Beach House, After a Death by Lucas Smith

  Coffee and books in the morning – afternoons if he’s truthful, two weeks without a shirt, back solo home for the mourning.          At the inlet the surf crafts a tidal ...

Nov, 17

Bombay by Devanshi Khetarpal

  sometimes I listen      music hinging on your body sounds of Maa, Amma, Ammi, Maata and     you drowning      the radios playing in the alleys    slipping back to the underfoot     of this bagh:  how unnamed, unmanned ...

Nov, 06